Bitcoin Rally

Bitcoin Rally is a multi-player mario-kart style game supercharged with Bitcoin. Race around the track and collect sats, which can either be cashed out at the end of the game or used as weapons to fire at your opponents and increase your chance of winning the grand bitcoin prizes! Just watching? No problem! You can also drop powerups and send the players messages using the power of Bitcoin!

2,000,000 sats

on MintGox Sunday


The tournament will feature the 24 best drivers from the qualifiers, split into two tiers. Players in each tier will race in one track only to determine the winners!


Join the MintGox Discord to join the qualifying races. Christian Moss will announce qualifier dates and time leading up to the MintGox tournament in the #bitcoin-rally Discord channel, however the date to keep in mind is the SATURDAY before MintGox.

Top tier
1,500,000 sats


  1. 500k
  2. 300k
  3. 200k
  4. 100k
  5. 90k 
  6. 80k
  7. 70k
  8. 60k 
  9. 50k
  10. 50k
2nd tier
500,000 sats


  1. 150k
  2. 100k
  3. 80k
  4. 50k
  5. 40k 
  6. 30k
  7. 20k
  8. 10k 
  9. 10k
  10. 10k

Fun races

Take part in fun races at the end of the MintGox live stream! All sats collected in the races can be withdrawn. Download the game on Itch, watch the stream for when the server goes live and join the fun. It’s first come first served!

Sponsored by
zebedee phones


A Bitcoin Lightning Wallet
built specifically for games.

You will need one of these to stack sats at MintGox

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