In "SaruTobi" (Japanese for "Monkey Fly"), you help Tobi build momentum swinging on his vine, then at the optimal moment fling him through the air collecting Bitcoin and bananas along the way. The aim of the game is to fly the farthest.

Bananas you collect can be used to buy power ups such as a monkey jet pack and spring boots.

1,000,000 sats

1 PM EST on MintGox Sunday

Swing and jump as far as possible to win the tournament prize! Available on both desktop and mobile.

  • Tournament Details: The top 10 contenders to swing the farthest will win the prizes!
    HINT: by using a combination of different powerups you can reach higher altitudes and longer runs.
  • Bitcoin Prizes:
    1.       300k
    2.      200k
    3.      160k 
    4.      100k 
    5.       80k
    6.       60k
    7.        40k 
    8.        30k 
    9.        20k
    10.       10k
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