Turbo 84

Play the endless racing Turbo 84 game on your mobile device. One lucky winner will win 500,000 sats in a raffle prize by collecting as many THNDR tickets as possible.

500,000 sats

24 hrs starting with mintgox
  • Bitcoin Prizes: 500k sats in raffle prize, 1 prize drawn every hour for 24 hours.
  • Game Details: As you drive, collect tokens you find on the road. Use them to buy more cars and upgrade your engine!
  • Tournament Qualifiers: 24-hour tournament. Starts at 2:00 AM EST on Sunday and ends Monday at 2:00 AM EST.
  • Tournament Details: Collect as many tickets as you can along the road as you drive. All tickets are added to a prize draw to win up to 500,000 sats.
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A Bitcoin Lightning Wallet
built specifically for games.

You will need one of these to stack sats at MintGox

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